The Gardens

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Abbey’s High Street has it All

A Garden for Dr. Kittoe
By, Diann Marsh

Miners’ Journal published Quarterly by The Galena /Jo Daviess County Historical Society. Fall 2005

While living in his elegant two-story brick home at 105 S High Street in Galena during the 1860s, 70s and 80s, Dr. Edward Kittoe had one of the most beautiful gardens in the city. They were described as “magnificent and undoubtedly the finest in Galena” in an article in the Galena Gazette of July 10th, 1872. Further, the article states that it “abounds in the rarest flowers, with rustic stands, vases and baskets gotten up in the most faultless taste.” In February of 1868, Dr. Kittoe attended the first meeting of the Jo Daviess Horticultural Society, held in the sheriff’s room at the Courthouse, and was elected as first vice-president of the new organization. (Marsh, Diann “A Garden for Dr. Kittoe.” Miners’ Journal [Galena] Fall 2005 Published Quarterly by The Galena /Jo Daviess County Historical Society)

This historic estate on “Quality Hill” has regained the splendor it enjoyed in the days of U.S. Grant’s visits. Using a plan outlined by Dr. Kittoe, the present owners, Kathleen and Tom Meyer, have restored the house and gardens to their original beauty. Three years of hard work have turned a ragged vacant lot into breathtaking formal gardens. Rose-covered arbors open onto an English garden where a boxwood hedge encloses a fountain surrounded by beds of roses and perennials. Century old lilacs and a white picket fence surround a unique vegetable garden planted in the shape of a Celtic cross. Dotted throughout the grounds are sundials, statuary, fountains, benches, and focal points against the lush plantings. (Article featured from ‘A Garden Walk Through Historic Galena,’)